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Human Factors for Safe and Effective Teams

Atrainability in conjunction with Download Learning are delighted to have been selected to join the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator initiative for 2023.

Download™ utilises specially time sequenced video-based teaching modules that are optimised through structure, scripting, pacing and the use of audio and visual mnemonics to form long-term memory.

The modules utilise specially design animation, annotation and voiceover to deliver the learning in multiple ways thereby addressing the learning biases of any student taking the module.

The use of animation, careful scripting and the provision of the information in three distinct and different formats within the modules (Presentation, Q&A and Case Study) ensures that the learning experience is an engaging one. The modules are also designed to facilitate easy translation into multiple languages.


Time-sequenced learning modules for teams and organisations are now available

Atrainability are developing a programme of digital Human Factors modules, utilising revolutionary neuroscience base learning methodology, Download™, that delivers knowledge transfer straight to the long-term memory increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of training.

The use of Download™ provides a number of benefits :

  • Effective: improved knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Efficient: reduced time to learn
  • Flexible: Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Accessible: Use any web enabled devise
  • Scalable: Train whole teams and Trusts
  • Cost efficient: No back fill

Atrainability have partnered with Download Learning to develop digital learning programmes for medical professionals. Download Learning are pioneers and global leaders of neuroscience based digital learning.

The Download™ methodology applies the neuroscience of long-term memory formation to digital learning. This has numerous benefits and is establishing new benchmarks for the efficiency and effectiveness of learning.

Why Atrainability ...?

We have been providing Human Factors training for over 18 years
Instructors from various disciplines including Medical, Military and Aviation
Measureable results in many NHS Trusts
Recognised as a leading provider of in-house Human Factors training
Bespoke courses available following initial assessment

Since 2002 Atrainability have been providing Human Factors Training to Healthcare Providers and we have experienced that the majority of issues affecting team and individual motivation and performance are related to one or more of the following areas.

Atrainability can help teams address all of these and other 'Human Factors' that help high-performance professionals achieve their potential sustainably

Human Factors Training Hierarchy issues and Communication
Hierarchy issues and Communication

across perceived hierarchy gradients and barriers to escalation of immediate and systemic issues

Human Factors Training Changes to plan and disorganisation
Changes to plan and disorganisation

disruptive changes to plan frequently with associated communication issue

Human Factors Training Stress and time management
Stress and time management

managing stress at a personal and professional level

Human Factors Training No feedback debriefing no thanks appreciation
No feedback, debriefing,
no thanks

a dearth of positive feedback and appreciation

Human Factors

Avoidable error and associated harm is sadly not decreasing and the associated costs are a tremendous drain on financial resources and contribute to staff sickness and burnout. There are increasing vacancies in health and social care that are simply untenable.

Human Factors play a crucial role in improving team building, communication and safety, it examines the relationship between human beings and the systems with which they interact. It covers aspects of behaviour such as communication, situation awareness and self-awareness.

Human error cannot be eliminated, but with the right tools, awareness and planning the behaviour and actions which can lead to error can be mitigated, avoided and learned from.

“Brilliant course, well-presented & held my attention throughout. I really thought about my practice & how the team reacts. Really made me think & gave me simple actions that I can implement on a day to day basis.”
Julie Johnson - Manager
Weston Health & Social Care Team
“I can honestly say that the two Atrainability Human Factors courses that I have attended have been two of the most influential and beneficial courses I have attended, they have made a huge change to my clinical practice”
Rachael - Doctor of Emergency Medicine
“Frimley Park Hospital PGMEC had the privilege of hosting Trevor Dale who led 2 workshops on "Safety in Clinical Practice" to our surgeons and theatre staff. These sessions were informative, inspiring and have challenged us to rethink how we deliver a safe service to patients in theatres. Trevor was erudite and entertaining throughout the sessions!”
Patrick Fon Sen Chong - Consultant
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon
“This course has really helped me understand more about the human elements of errors and error reporting. We focus a lot in healthcare on systems and process and it’s really widened my thought processes around how we behave as humans and how that impacts on what we do when we’re working.”
Julie Jones – Birmingham Healthcare NHS Trust
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