Course comments

The following comments have been made by attendees of a selection of the courses we have carried out over the last few months.

We also have some comments from organisations we have worked with directly. Comments from leadning figures within these organisations can be found on teh following page Client Testimonials

Oldham Post Graduate 21 July 2015
Course attendee comments

Very good session, useful to have an outside view giving very good advice, applicable to medicine (Dr Rob Holloway)

Good session, well prepared. Good use of videos (Abla Ali)

Excellent, well-taught course (R Cooke)

Very interactive & interesting (Okafor)

Thank you! (Chan S)

Really enjoyed it (Maiedha)

Thanks very much, enjoyable & useful (Andrew Jamieson)

Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt 21 July 2015
Course attendee comments

Very informative – thank you very much! (G Chavez)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, well-taught & informative (Tina Jarvis)

Should be made mandatory for all clinical staff every 2 years (Dr Sri Gummaraju)

It made me more aware to think outside the box & not have tunnel vision (Martine Williams)

Very organised & well presented. Very approachable & made me feel at ease straight away (Kate Pemberton)

Excellent presentation, easy to follow. Would like it rolled out within the organisation to all nursing teams. Very thought provoking, intrigued about compassionate training (Julie Roberts)

Very well delivered, massive subject, short period of time, thought provoking (Helen Cooper)

As a new leader, helpful to help me guide my new team (Debs P)

Fantastic, thank you (Rebecca Warren)

Found the course very useful & enjoyable but so much more to learn! (Sarh Scoltock)

More non-clinical content or a specific w/shop for non-clinical staff? (Karen Edwards)

He did quite well in giving lecture, covering all aspects in limited time (Dr Lwin Maung)

Papworth 1-2 July 2015
Course attendee comments

Excellent, many thanks. Would like more non-surgical data (M. Davies)

An excellent course. Recommended for all healthcare professionals (Zilley Khan)

Some aspects overlapped with other leadership done, senior group (Maura Screaton)

Excellent 2 days. Very useful (Bobby Agrawal)

Very useful, enjoyable – right pace & interspersed with relevant anecdotes & video. Group activities were suitable length of time, without ‘wasting’ time & topics were ranging & very relevant (Liz Bligh)

Essential for anyone working in healthcare (Marius Berman)

I have some knowledge of human factors from my MA in Healthcare Risk Management. I also try to apply this approach to risk management & incident investigation in my day to day work. However, I have enjoyed listening to my colleagues & watching the ‘light bulb’ moments when they recognise the importance of human factors in behaviours/decisions & actions. Thank you Trevor! (Carole Moderate)

BMI Eastbourne 18 June 2015
Course attendee comments

Very relevant, makes you realise how complacent you can become (Lisa Strudwick)

Speaker was excellent, would have loved a whole day (Dawn Ere)

Very interesting, it has contributed to my view on life, not only as a student ODP but also as an individual (J Martin)

It was excellent! I want my team to be brave & challenge in theatres. Trevor has given the knowledge to do so (Carmel Pagram)

We need a much longer session (Sandra Smith)

Highlighted that this was about the most important mandatory training that we should all do (Dr Walmsley)

This needs to be done in DGH & Eastbourne Medical Society (Ravi)

This should be universal within healthcare (Mr Andrew Aldridge)

BMI Maidstone 16 June 2015
Course attendee comments

Going to have a moment each day so people can say how they feel the days gone, good & bad, to share & adapt accordingly (K. Costin)

Very good (P. White)

Very interesting & friendly (Rebecca Surman)

Thought provoking, mistakes can be made anywhere along the patients journey (Alison Batholemew)

Very helpful in my role (Sarah Willis)

Very helpful, concise, clear information, helpful tools (Lynn Grafham)

Isle of Wight 4 June 2015
Course attendee comments

Good opportunity to reflect & think about how could change process

Made me see I have had a manager & not a team leader, as she has lost rack of the team

Really enjoyed the course, thank you!

Recognising your own & others human factors. Reassuring to know we’re all human!

Senior staff should attend!

Mandatory training for all managers & trained nursing staff

Excellent course, focusing on safety in a different way. Will help me to improve the quality of the care I & my colleagues deliver

Continue to educate people about the significance of these factors in everyday working – very relevant

Excellent content & delivery, interesting & informative. Glad there was no role play!!! Loved the scenarios & case files

Really very good – would love to do this over 3 days

This should be mandatory for all consultants, senior nurses & the Board to develop a more safe organisation/culture. Having the perspective from another industry is vital.

It’s great to have an external speaker from outside the organisation

It is full of information that is relevant to all aspects of my work from patient safety & providing quality care to how I can share this with the team & ideas for tools to help with this

A very informative day, an excellent presentation style

Interesting, humorous, informative, knowledgeable, engaging

Morecambe Bay TTT 10-12 June 2015
Course attendee comments

Great course, very thought provoking. Love human factors & has left me wanting to learn more. Thank you Trevor  (Louise McCracken)

Initially I agreed to attend this course as the division had few volunteers & I needed extra CPD in management for a forthcoming lab. Inspection; I was thinking of ‘ticking the box’ How could I have been more surprised by my experience, it has given me insight into aspects of management style, highlighted how I could have addressed issues more appropriately and validated that my general approach to leadership & team management is correct/’going the right way’. I have enjoyed working with colleagues from other disciplines as it broadened discussions (Alison Whytell)

Trevor is an excellent teacher, very engaging & approachable. Enjoyed theory linked to stories, made it relevant & gave it context. Open communication & discussion in the group was excellent. I think this would be beneficial to all colleagues in the trust.

I think this was very useful/relevant, would be good to have some training in situational workplace (Colette Whelan)

Very relevant to my role & a really good insight into how people think (Tracey Roberts Cuffin)

Everyone needs to do it from porters to the Chief Executive. A great course – learnt a lot – good to be with professionals from other teams. Initially thought 3 days too long but now feel it was about right. Perhaps a bit more info beforehand would have been a good idea – we didn’t get the introduction sheet we should have (Clare Peckham)

Enjoyed variety in course i.e. discussions, videos etc to to keep attention & interesting topics. Would be beneficial to all staff in trust to undertake this training. Discussions thought provoking (Kerry Chapple)

Thought provoking, good examples/stories used to enhance understanding (Sandra Giles)

Lots of very useful hints & tips. A lot of this is revision but it is helpful to revisit it all, & it is pulled together in a very good way. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you (Karen Robinson)

Nuffield Bournemouth 3-4 June 2015
Course attendee comments

The presenter was enthusiastic & knowledgeable. He used varied teaching techniques, multi-media, group work, discussion & the topic was absorbing & interesting. Day 1 in particular was totally absorbing (Anita Brennan)

Interesting, informative & thought provoking, thoroughly enjoyed (Wendy Payne)

Very interactive 2 days. Presenter was excellent, enthusiastic with humour (Natalie Reid & Martine Buckland)

Enjoyed the course, very interactive, excellent speaker (C. Howis)

Good venue – apart from chairs, very uncomfortable after a while, good mix of attendees – more males would have made it interesting (Alison Alston)

Excellent, lively, fun, interactive. Git to the points we all need to consider, made you think & look at all aspects of role as a leader. Intelligent presenter & mindful of all our differences – made us think! (Caroline Lewis)

SAS Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells 28-29 May 2015
Course attendee comments

The course was very good, material & presentation excellent (Matt Lawson)

Excellent, thought provoking & enjoyable – more than I expected (Jaladhi Bhatia)

Very relevant, stimulates reflection of own & work practices & how to improve incident prevention & self/team management (Chintha Karunaratne)

Very informative, enjoyable course (Ab Bhat)

Excellent & knowledgeable lecturer! Extremely useful course. I’ve never attended such an excellent presentation! After this course I have a better understanding of the role of human factors in our professional life (Zlatka Zasheva)

Very informative, identifying the un-named aspects of our experiences in life, at same level whenever primary role involves human life & health. Should be mandatory (Maryam Khan)

Would like to attend the course again & will suggest more formal human factors training in the workplace to my team. Very enlightening, one of the most useful courses ever attended, on both personal & professional levels. I will implement concepts on a daily basis, and will present a summary to colleagues (anon)

North Somerset 11 May 2015
Course attendee comments

A very good presentation that moved along at a good place so it didn’t get boring (Cathy Phillips)

Really well presented & relevant to practice (Sam Trayman)

Good level of information & interaction with trainer (Hannah Taylor)

Very interesting & engaging trainer, this will definitely be used to change the way our team works (Ben Curtis)

Very engaging, effective trainer, examples used were interesting (Clare Butler)

Really refreshing course, great to learn something whilst the day flew by (Julie Kirk)

Some time for small group discussion? Very well presented

It was excellent. Enjoyed examples used. Made me very aware of things that happen in my working day – & how some changes can be made (in my personal way of working) (Sue Caddy)

A very interesting day – I didn’t look at my watch at all during the day and the time flew by. I especially enjoyed the use of videos to illustrate some points (Ruth Green)

SAS Middlesborough 14 January & 19 March 2015
Course attendee comments

Very useful training (Dr Roody Varghese)

Knowledgeable, friendly presented well – wove examples together well. Really enjoyed the day personally but also very pleased to see colleagues who were apprehensive also enjoying the day. Inspiring, entertaining & practical (Roland Miller)

Good & very helpful. Thanks (Dr.Win)

Essential for all doctors in the Trust (Anne Bell)

Royal Oldham Post Graduate 27 January 2015
Course attendee comments

Well-delivered session, a good communicator! (Andrew Jamieson)

Very useful to FY1s, earlier on in training (O. Okapor)

Very enthusiastic & engaging speaker. Very interesting to learn how other industries such as aviation can apply to medicine, should be mandatory for the Trust (John Colville)

Blackburn Post Graduate 20 January 2015
Course attendee comments

Very good presentation, impressive communication skills! Outstanding session. This is where healthcare needs to go. HF are increasingly important in our profession. I just wish we had more sessions like this (Alberto Mateo)

Post Graduate Manchester 4 June 2015
Course attendee comments

Enjoyed examples from aviation, sessions were interactive, interesting & very relevant (M. Leech)

Really great course, very useful & will help me with my career in the future I’m sure! (Cat Garrett)

Southampton - January 2015
Course attendee comments

Excellent, many aspects from aviation are appropriate for use in healthcare & I am sure would result in safer practice, happier patients & healthier finaces (N. Thuilliez)

Excellent course, lots ot take back to practice. Need more of this training in the NHS (Natalie Mew)

This course has given me some pointers which are very key to my current plans to review my service (Lindsay Steel)